My name is Rita Ban Bashouri and I’m a Life, Health & Wellness, Personal Growth, Career, Executive & Leadership Coach certified by the ICF: the International Coaching Federation with a focus on Health & Wellness on all levels as well as Career.
For at least the past fifteen years I have played an impactful and integral role in mentoring, inspiring and coaching individuals and small groups through my career path as well as my social circle and personal life.
I have been led to the Life Transforming path of Coaching/Mentoring by three empowering forces:
  • My ‘Innate God-given Passion’ for people and the complexities of their lives
  • My own life journey between Lebanon and the States that was full of constant challenges and hardships yet accompanied by a lot of deep inspiration and personal growth on every level
  • My love for human growth and development that was part of my educational background as well as my career that involved various fields: Wellness & Beauty, Business- Real Estate Consultancy- Event Planning- Community & Charity Work
How do my clients describe me?
Genuinely warm

Generous with my time, care and attentiveness

Well experienced and wise

Having multi-faceted knowledge and culture



Having high values & ethics

Very unique in my approach among other coaches