Start with one of my widely tested and tried ‘Transformative’ programs that you think best resonates with your needs at this phase of your life!
This is Your Formula to thrive and not just survive while or after experiencing a major setback or loss of any sort (relationship, health, loved one, financial stability, job…)

This is your Module to pursuing balance in all the vital areas of your life especially during these challenging times so you can maintain a high level of ‘self-care’ for better ‘being’ and ‘function’ while taking care of all the important people and matters of daily life.
Says who you have to go about any of your work or university projects or plans on your own when you can have me to work side by side with you to research, brainstorm as well as stay motivated and inspired till mission is accomplished!
Whether you’re a high school student lost in what major to choose or an adult of any age considering a career change this would be the perfect program for you.
More than anything, Life with all of its intense challenges and rough adversities has been my ultimate teacher and qualifier I must say!
Yet I take pride in being an:
International Coaching Federation (ICF) Black Belt holder in Transformational Life Coaching/Mentoring with a focus on Health & Wellness as well as Executive/Business/Corporate Coaching.
Rita Bashouri
Transformation Coach

Areas of Expertise & Preference in Coaching / Mentoring

Rebuilding Life
In all areas after a major setback or trauma : Divorce, Financial Struggle/Bankruptcy, Chronic Health Issues or Serious Injury / Illness, Post trauma related to Beirut Explosion or any other personal trauma.
Educational & Career

Path Evaluation & Planning after allowing the client to work on discovering his or her Unique Potential. It also includes researching the different fields of consideration and narrowing the options down till not will the best decision is made.

Past and its blockages
Whether you are aware of any/ all of these blockages or they happen to pop up during the Clarity Session then the ultimate need would be to focus on that by reconciling with any part of the past that might hinder you to move forward without carrying that ‘heavy burden’: that’s what experts definitely agree on!
Pivotal Project Partner

In this module, I partner with you in order to discover, evaluate & fulfill your (not his/her) agenda (projects, skills, talents...) walking side by side to motivate, inspire, mentor, and brainstorm all the possibilities and the decision-making process

Life Change
Coaching through Life Change: different phases of life (mid-life, career change, single to married, married to separated, married to divorced…) -different life roles played and their different dynamics & impact on life
Work versus Life Balance

In order for you to fully live your life enjoying every aspect of it and not allowing any area to suffer, this balance is detrimental to achieving that. In this module you will learn how to give the right amount of time, effort, energy, thought… in your personal relationships /friendships, career, health on all levels…

Evaluating and Enhancing Relationships
Family Members: spouse- children-parents-extended family with influence…/Romance Partners/Friends/Employees/Business Partners/Colleagues/Successors (pure coaching & through Succession Planning in the Executive Module of Coaching….)
This is a very big area of need to find support in whether you parent your children with your spouse/partner or whether you are a single mom or single dad or whether you are separated or divorced and you share the kids’ upbringing then this is a very valuable module to learn about the 7 basic needs of your child and the 4 Parenting Styles among others…
Stress Management
Facilitation (Creating charts to raise awareness to evaluate time and how it’s being invested: strengths & weaknesses in the timetable after highlighting priorities in life & potential venues for improvement (in parallel with Time Management)
Time Management
When to Procrastinate and when to Activate your to Do’s List (In parallel with Stress Management). If you feel you are overwhelmed with a lot and can’t seem to find the time to finish anything you started or you’re frustrated yet you don’t have much to do then this is the module for you.
Social Health
Evaluating the social circle with its dynamic and its impact on the client / key crucial factors to learning how to gravitate towards people that will add value as well as eliminating certain toxic & draining people/elements/habits
Stress Management
· Facilitation (Creating charts to raise awareness to evaluate time and how it’s being invested: strengths & weaknesses in the timetable after highlighting priorities in life & potential venues for improvement (in parallel with Time Management)
Financial Health
Budgeting (Income verses Outcome)-Financial Planning ( Savings-Investments-Short & Long Term Goals …)
Healthy Self- Image:Social Health
If you feel you have self-doubt when you have that ‘internal talk’ or whenever you are with your partner/certain family members/ friends/ social gatherings/ work environment … then it would be great to tackle that and look into all those root causes of why this is occurring and what level of Self-Worth do you give yourself to get started…
Healthy Communication Skills
Healthy Communication Skills within a couple’s life, parent-child, employee-boss…Learn about the 7 C’s of communication ( personal or work ) and the best ways to influence your listener after knowing what character/values of that person or group you’re communicating with.
Personal Growth & Development
All that is included in the elements on the ‘Wheel of Life” which is the overall wheel to evaluate the different areas of your life so you get to choose what you think you should be working on the most.
‘Doing’ Versus ‘Being’ Balance
Importance of all types of Rest, Days off, Hobbies, New Adventure, Travel, and Outings…Learn how this balance not only enhances the quality of your life but will help you become more efficient with putting less effort.
Importance of Time Alone
These 2 sessions help you evaluate the time you spend alone and what the benefits are related to this type of discipline. It helps keep your focus intact even during the roughest, busiest or most challenging times.

Wellness & Health Inspired by Renowned Experts in the field:

Healthy ways of Eating
In this module you will learn the best habits to have in relation to eating. You ought to learn to enjoy these times as the highlight of the day and learn to make your ‘eating habits as a lifestyle’ and never a ‘punished diet’.
Relationship with Food
In this module you will connect with food as a ‘good friend’ and not a ‘foe. Learn the best ways that your psychological/emotional state affect your eating and the effects of that on the body and what are the positives and negatives of the social/cultural impact on eating.
Removing Toxins from your Life
In this module, you will identify what the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Toxins are in your life and what the measures are that can be taken on your part to allow yourself to live healthier on all levels.
Mental & Emotional Health
This module will help you create a solid awareness and determination to establish healthy mindsets that enhance healthy emotions that will in turn impact your physical health. More than ever this has become the theme of ‘today’s world’ for all ages and in all cultures and all settings. Having a ‘guide’ and a ‘director’ to help you achieve that is crucial for your overall well-being.
Weight Management and Healthy attitude
That attitude towards self at any age including after menopause is crucial towards managing weight. I will be there for you to have that self-awareness of your true worth, to continue to inspire and motivate you and hold you positively accountable to manage that weight and not make it an issue.
Weight Management after a Gastric Bypass
I will be there for you after going through a Gastric Bypass or Sleeve or other similar dramatic weight loss procedures to teach you how to treat yourself well on all levels so you can maintain the weight loss and adapt to the New You on the outside by allowing you to create the New You on the inside as well.

Corporate Coaching

Corporate Wellness companies / institutions
Life, Mental / Emotional Health and Wellness tips and inspiration for teams and individual employees in order to make lifestyle changes that will impact their wellbeing on the job and in personal lives, their performance and success short and long term
Team Dynamics
fostering better collaboration and communication
360 Degree Assessment
· Staff as well as lower and upper management auto evaluation
One Page Career Plan
Current evaluation and description versus the long term vision
Behavioral Coaching
One on one coaching that would benefit an employee to either find ways to improve a specific certain behavior that is not helping or to add a behavior that can help on the job without compromising what matters most to him/her
Engaging and Mobilizing Employees
Serves management to promote better staff productivity and higher morale
Coaching staff through Change or Mergers or Succession
Coaching staff through individual company’s crisis or economic crisis – Coaching staff through business merging and finding the path to common denominators between the old and the new- Coaching staff through the sale of a business to another owner or the business being handed over to the successors: family members or partners…