Career Planning for adults as well as High School Students

Whether you’re a high school student lost in what major to decide on or a college student who isn’t sure if you’ve actually chosen the right educational path then this module is for you!

Also if you’re an adult of any age frustrated in your current job or the career choices you’ve made and feel where you’re at doesn’t reflect who you are or your ambitions in life, then this would also be just the program for you!

Since Covid started, more and more people are reconsidering their career paths and the decisions they had made to stick to what they were committed doing as job roles with no inspiration or excitement, just for the sole reason to maintain security and avoid that fear of change and that risk-taking factor in those most uncertain times. Who can blame them right?

That definitely created an urgency for all age groups to have an even more persistent awareness that nothing in life is certain, so they might as well dig deeper to find out more about their true unique abilities and passions, so they can connect better with the ‘right career for themselves’ and not just the ‘right career’. Their pursuit of happiness and fulfillment became a necessity, one advantage to adversity sometimes!

Also, more people started having that awakening in their mid-life (40’s and 50’s usually) that it’s not too late to start or change anything, after allowing themselves the space and time to also dig deep and discover what they were truly meant to have chosen as careers all along, in order to be fulfilled people on all levels.

So what whould my role would be as your coach and mentor?

My role, first and foremost, is to allow you to discover those ‘Instinctive Strengths’ that have always been there but that you were not that aware of or you just didn’t give enough significance to or did not trust enough to tap into in order to allow them to surface and capitalize on (that might take 4-6 sessions)
Only then would you be building on something solid and long-term while being totally inspired and excited to wake up in the morning to go do that which you absolutely love to do and would want to develop yourself in.
Then the digging into options that are true to your ‘Life Calling’ will come next whether in education or in pursuing this career by earning new certifications or your already existing accumulated work & life experience
Certain few tests that will help you with that discovery
The fact that you have me next to you holding your hand throughout this process allowing you to overcome any negative emotions/obstacles and letting you believe way more in your potential is by itself a dynamo that would allow you to believe in these inner strengths even when you’re confused, discouraged, lost or not so sure of yourself
Please contact me for more details that are very specific to your own needs and objectives since I believe and respect individuality knowing that we are all unique people with individual needs that require personalized approaches so my role is to meticulously cater to that … to get creative with it and invite you to witness an unfolding of your true purpose within!!!

Only then you will be able to make the right major or career choices…
Rita Bashouri
Transformation Coach