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Start with one of my widely tested and tried ‘Transformative’ programs that you think best resonates with your needs at this phase of your life!
This is Your Formula to thrive and not just survive while or after experiencing a major setback or loss of any sort (relationship, health, loved one, financial stability, job…)

This is your Module to pursue balance in all the vital areas of your life, especially during these challenging times, so you can maintain a high level of ‘self-care’ for better ‘being’ and ‘function’ while taking care of all the important people and matters of daily life.
Who says you have to go about any of your work or university projects or plans on your own when you can have me to work side by side with you to research, brainstorm as well as help you stay motivated and inspired till mission is accomplished!
Whether you’re a high school student lost in what major to choose or an adult of any age considering a career change this would be the perfect program for you.
My Client Testimonials
K. S.
Author and Pharmacist 
It felt like having been in a higher human reality and dimension a higher space with higher motives beyond and above the dynamics and expectations of the mundane a higher human platform or maybe a cloud, a dimension of truth and trust where time stopped and evolved in a vertical fulfilling way and not in a linear, consuming, and the threatening way a dimension where my own essence is revealed and unleashed where the space created is auspicious for my heart, body, mind, and soul to align, hope, and shine with the help of a human catalyst as if under a spell I am propelled into my intimate core, sculpting myself and my deepest desires- it is tapping into my highest human potential manifesting my ‘yes’ s

- my lucky charm
M. K.
Actress & Scriptwriter 
Rita est une personne qui travaille de tout son cœur qui est extrêmement généreuse. J’ai vu pas mal de coach et de psychologues, d’habitude j’ai du mal à accrocher mais Rita est tellement dévouée et structurée qu’elle sait exactement cerner quelle est la demande du coaché, elle sait aller dans son sens, le motive positivement en mettant des mots sur les vrais désirs de son patient/client. Tous ces arguments et remarques sont bien placés, jamais dans l’influence ou l’intrusion. Elle accompagne le coaché pour que celui-ci arrive à mettre un véritable plan d’action à ses projets, pour qu’il se réalise pleinement dans tous les domaines professionnelles et affectifs en toute authenticité et vérité.
M. S.
Marketing Consultant
Rita is a treasure. Her talent is extraordinary; she is really amazing at what she is doing. I am so lucky to have her as my coach. Rita in one session solved my blockages on a personal level, something that was stuck for years deep down, and only after one session here I am a different, better, healthier person.
On a professional level, Rita is coaching me to build my business. Our weekly sessions are so valuable. Every session helps me discover my strengths, overcome my fears and weaknesses, and empowers me to go on with full confidence in myself and the success of my business. I’m so thankful I met Rita on my path and so grateful that she became a fundamental part of my journey.
T. K.
Marketing Consultant
Finding someone you can trust to help guide you through the career-option jungle can be a challenge, and leave you feeling stuck. I was in search of someone for over a year, and I stopped my search as soon as I found Rita.
Our sessions had a very personal touch, which allowed me to put my guards down and deeply focus on my personal innate abilities. Rita helped me focus and go deep within myself. It was only then that I was able to know myself better and then quickly identify tasks and responsibilities that I want to pursue as a career. Rita also made me feel that I was never alone in this journey.
Just because you are good at something does not mean you like it. Do what you love and it won’t feel like a four-letter word (“WORK”).
Thank you, Rita, for guiding me through my career jungle and being with me through this exciting phase. I am now out of the woods thanks to your help, focus, dedication, and (com)passion.
A. Z.
Consulate Officer
J'ai fait un bref coaching de 7 séances pour améliorer ma communication et mon ouverture aux autres en société après une rude expérience. Ce coaching a été une expérience exceptionnelle : j'ai gagné en assurance et acquis de précieux outils qui me serviront longtemps. Un grand merci pour votre coaching très professionnel ! J'ai beaucoup appris lors de nos séances, à tous égards. Merci encore à vous, Rita, pour vos conseils et votre efficacité !

J. M.
Multinational Company Manager Sales manager
My experience with Rita is amazing, I love how she truly has the heart to help the people she coaches; it's clear that she doesn't do it as just a job, but her passion shows in all that she does. I believe it's a mix of professionalism and an empathetic heart.
It always took my attention and made me feel comfortable how she's prepared whenever we had a session, the relaxing atmosphere of lighting and music, the setup, and even the tea! What would someone ask for more than a comforting person genuinely supporting them when all they need is that, and to feel that someone understands what they're going through and is standing by their side not to face it all alone.
For me I think it's not so common to find such a coach, who truly cares and so generous with the time she gives in order to see progress and success in the life of the person she’s accompanying, that is a treasure!"