Allow me to be your Pivotal Project Partner!

PPP stands for Pivotal Project Partner (in any area: arts, business, education, career path…)

Who says you have to pursue your potential project, goal, or endeavour all alone when you can be accompanied by me every step of the way till your project materializes?

I will be with you inspiring you through that long or short process till the Finish Line!

Why would I need it?

Human Behavior Experts believe that having someone next to you as you go along a challenge will help you focus better, stay more committed and finished within a certain time frame. It will also allow you to think of way more possibilities than doing it on your own as well as get more diligent in your research and brainstorm with someone objective who has the willingness to be your cheerleader along the way. All of that will be of definite great value to facilitate the process and allow the project to materialize.

What does it include?

Clarity session to set the Action Plan
A session of that sort will clarify the exact objectives and set the approximate time frame for the project and will help both of us agree on a strategy that would serve the purpose better. It can also help me identify any possible hindrances or blockages that might be in the way
The Why and How
To make sure you will tap into all the reasons ‘why’ you want this and ‘how’ it will serve you (the more light is shed on this when you get started, the more you can stay committed)
This part is crucial so we can either both embark on this together or you do a part of it on your own guided by the logic we both see fit by brainstorming in order to proceed and acquire any missing knowledge or data that adds high quality and guarantees success to your project
Language Enhancement
If along the way any of your writing needs enhancement or even correction in English (presentation or approaching people through communication like emails …) then I will definitely be able to assist you with that as well ….
Motivation and Inspiration
I believe this is vital so you keep your eye on the vision or the finish line without slacking or procrastinating
Against All Odds
To help you overcome any blockages, difficulties, and hindrances along the way (whether they are internal or due to circumstances coming against you)
Stable Confidence
To help you stay in that confident zone not allowing fear and anxiety of any of the uncertainties you might encounter get in your way

How much time does it take?

It all depends on the project and how demanding and stretched it might need to be so it is definitely variable and depends on how fast you feel you need things to go so length and number of sessions can be more intense or less demanding.

Please contact me for any further inquiry to check into the specifics of your unique project or goal