My Coaching/Mentoring Q&A

  • What is coaching exactly as far as my experience, values and convictions define it?
    · Coaching is partnering with you as the client or coachee in a thought-provoking & impactful, creative, life-changing process that will allow you to get inspired and to maximize Personal & Professional Potential in order to achieve the ‘Best Version of Yourself '
    · It helps raise more awareness & knowledge of yourself in order to bring any desired change on your part while being accompanied & positively held accountable by me as a qualified and objective person who is not related to you in any way which totally helps in that objectivity
    · It’s my Powerful method to assist you in organizing and verbalizing your emotions & thoughts regarding any issues you wish to tackle in a more comprehensive, non-judgmental, and constructive way so you can move forward in all realms of life
    · It’s about your agenda and what you would like to set as a goal and priority to work on, not mine… my role is to assist you, lead you sometimes, encourage, motivate and inspire you other times till you fulfill that agenda
    · It’s about discovering what makes you the ‘unique you’ and highlighting your inner strengths and attributes that would serve you in life on all levels
  • What is Mentoring exactly in this context?
    I take pride while staying totally humble in claiming that role for you whenever and if you feel led that it will be of help to you since I have an extensive experience in life on almost all levels as well as various career fields and having acquired very high levels in coaching certifications and continually developing myself further. I continually research the best approaches to bring to my practice so I can benefit you on those occasions where the need for direction, wisdom and guidance arises that I find myself passionate about believing it might be able to create some life shortcuts for you.
  • What areas does it cover?
    As I always say ‘the sky is the limit’ of what areas it can cover but it definitely includes:
    · personal life (all types of relationships & connections)
    · career
    · financial
    · spiritual
    · physical (lifestyle, weight management, fitness, chronic disease mental & emotional management…)
    · mental health & healthy mindsets
    · emotional health
    · health & wellness on all levels
    · discovering your unique potential
    · career planning
    · time management
    · Responsibility
    · Parenting Issues
    · project, concept or endeavor brainstorming
    · research & planning for any business or personal growth or development
    · … among many other subjects or needs
  • What can it benefit me in?
    It has been proven to be helpful in the following:
    ·     Self- Evaluation, reflection & development in all areas of life (discovering your vision, mission, values, incentives…)
    ·     Rebuilding your life after a major setback of any kind ( my own framework and module)
    ·     Better Decision Making
    ·     Educational & Career Planning for 16 year olds and above
    ·     Balancing Work versus other Life Areas
    ·     Health and Wellness enhancement : my own module ‘ the 7 Dimensions of Health & Wellness’
    ·     Financial Budgeting & Organizing (spending, saving, investments, possession, luxuries….)
    ·     Personal Growth Accompaniment and Inspiration (new skills, your unique talents, personal time, hobbies, adventure, vacation, spirituality…)
    ·     Time Management (higher productivity & effectiveness, peace of mind, less stress, priority setting…)
    ·     Being stuck or going in circles regarding certain issues, perceptions and behaviors inhibiting you from moving forward
    ·     Goal setting & implementation of any kind
    ·     ……….Many other areas
  • Who can benefit from it mostly?
    Literally any man, woman or young adult who is doing fine generally but wants to do way better in any area that he or she has the need for and would like to tackle certain things in life that can’t be done on his or her own or with someone related to them.
  • What ages is it recommended for and is it beneficial for both women and men?
    Definitely meant for both women and men of all ages and young adults 16 and up with the consent of their parents for the under 18 year olds.
  • How many sessions do I need?
    This is totally variable depending on each person and will be clarified after the first 2 sessions that we call ‘discovery or clarity sessions’.