Rebuild: Your Formula to Thrive and not just Survive!

My Own Module that was inspired as a result of my own ‘Reality Challenges’ on various levels of life so it’s all ‘Purely Practical’… nothing about it is Theoretical

Who will it benefit?

This module is for you if you have experienced or are still experiencing a major setback or loss of any sort in your life in
  • Relationships especially divorce or long romance breakup or loss of a loved one
  • Bankruptcy or debt
  • Losing a job position by being laid off, fired or due to your country’s economic or political situation/crisis
  • Losing your status in any area especially socially or within family
  • Any area of loss or trauma
These setbacks can shake your foundations and, as harsh as they are, they ought not destroy you or render you helpless, hopeless & in constant panic mode; this module will help you connect with the thoughts and emotions related to that loss allowing your ‘Inner Strengths’ to help you cope, adjust and eventually overcome that loss. This exact loss might even be your best growth spurt yet and might very much launch you to a deeper more solid life phase on many levels.

How many sessions do I need?

This can be determined during the 1st clarity session that I usually start you with after we shed light on where you are at present and where you would like to find yourself in 3 months and then in 6…

Sessions are usually once every 2 weeks but if you feel the need to accelerate the process, it can be done once a week for the first 3 times, then once every 2 as usual.

What does the session entail?

It definitely includes lots of reflective thought and emotional provoking questions that will help you organize your inner domains better so you can connect with your already existing strengths ,to build on and to allow them to become assets, instead of continuously reflecting on any damage or failure that you have allowed to become part of your identity associating it with this crisis.
It also includes connecting with solutions that you will come up with once you allow your thought creativity to soar higher, partnered by me as the one who will instigate that potential that is sure to be found within. No one knows you and your surroundings and past better than yourself, but my role would be to allow you the freedom, consecrated time, space and inspiration to come up with that potential that will definitely empower you to come out of crisis a more developed and better version of yourself.
It will help you reflect and elaborate on healthier ways for you to think/feel and what it is you can do in each of the 7 REBUILD Steps.